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Bands and straps Apple Watch for Sublimation Small for 38&40mm watch - 3 Pack

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3 Pack

Sublimation Blank Watch Band for 38/40mm smartwatches. White. Made of polyester leather. Sublimation areas: .86” x 2.95” and .86” x 4.52”. Make any watch band more unique with personalized artwork. Ideal gift for any occasion. Wholesale for boutiques, gifts shops, and jewelry shops. We have had amazing success attaching these to Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple® watches. Also available in 42/44mm (AWB4244). These are designed to be fashion bands and not intended to be used as sports bands.

Hover transfer under open heat press for 10 seconds to dry excess moisture.

1. Remove loop from watchband.
2. Place pins in straps.
3.Cover the bottom table of the press with a sheet of Teflon.
4.Secure transfer to substrate using ProSpray or Heat Tape.
5.Place substrate face up, with attached transfer face down, on top of Teflon Sheet on bottom table.
6.Top with protective paper and press according to time, temperature, and pressure above.
7. Pull pin out of buckle strap and reinsert with tongue.
8. Attach all lugs and buckle to straps and pins ensuring that the lug side with the 3 black magnetic components are facing up.